Smart Utilities, Solar Panels & Storage for Businesses

Energising the future with smart utilities

New connected technologies are already transforming the way utilities are monitored, metered and distributed to customers.

Our range of solutions – from solar panels to off-grid storage – can help you power the connected solutions of today and tomorrow, while improving infrastructure security, reliability, cost-efficiency and transparency. We can help you communicate more effectively, and free you to focus on improving service levels, and customer satisfaction further.

Like you, we know the value of collaborative working and our own thirst for knowledge is never ending. Through restless innovation and tireless customer service, our projectors for education, interactive displays, mobile PCs and tablets, professional and CCTV camera solutions include advanced features to make teaching simpler and more rewarding. All our higher education AV products are designed, built and rigorously tested, with many remotely monitored and maintained by us and some even maintenance-free.

With Panasonic education technology, nothing comes in the way of your teaching.