Panasonic Logistics Solutions

Companies are facing massive disruption in their business triggered by a whole range of emerging trends and technologies. Social trends such as work shortages and life style changes; and technological advances such as artificial intelligence, intelligent edge devices and the explosion of e-commerce.

Faced with this rapidly shifting landscape, companies need to optimise the flow of information from things and people at their operational fronts. Panasonic’s Gemba Process Innovation offering pulls on over 100 years’ experience innovating and adapting to the ever-changing requirements of our markets.

What does this mean? Gemba is the physical site where things happen, in Japanese the word literally means “the actual place”. Gemba Process Innovation draws on all Panasonic’s business, technology and solutions know-how, to help customers innovate their processes in retail. Using technology solutions and process innovations to allow staff to focus on the right thing – the customer.

Panasonic provides solutions for our customers that are designed to optimise the ‘Gemba’.

Decreased working population
Diverse needs
GEMBA experiences
for 100 years
Examples of our solutions...
Visual Sort
Out of
Logistics centre
Shop and Store

Panasonic’s technology solutions work to enhance in-store operational efficiency and customer experience. Our range of solutions, from electronic shelf labels to security and interactive displays will help make your in-store experience unforgettable for both existing and new customers. Your customers can have an unique and personalised shopping experience, which will lead to a boost in your revenues. Create the physical store of tomorrow with Panasonic Retail.

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Panasonic Solutions for the Logistics industry covers all aspects of the supply chain and give your business a real opportunity to drive growth.

Our solutions give your business the freedom to deliver even under challenging market conditions and provide your customers with world-class service. Over the years, our team has worked tirelessly to develop state-of-the-art, tailored technologies that fit your business requirements in all areas of supply chain management including pick up, goods entry, sorting, control and delivery.

Those integrated solutions were developed with our very own Gemba Kaizen approach to incorporate the Panasonic know-how and constantly identify areas for improvement.

Pick Up

Our technologies simplify the drop off process for your customers, while reducing the burden on your staff picking up the goods, and throughout the process collecting valuable insights through IoT devices.

Gemba Kaizen

The Gemba Kaizen approach is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement designed for enhancing processes and reducing waste.

The Gemba Kaizen approach is present in every solution we develop such as the Visual Sort Assist, a system designed to reduce stress levels for staff sorting parcels as well as increase speed and reduce errors.

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Goods Entry

Panasonic will help you save precious time by providing your workforce with state-of-the-art solutions, reducing the time spent on processing and storing of goods, freeing your staff to focus on the essential.


Panasonic’s sorting solutions not only take automation a step further, they also enable your workforce to process goods quickly and effortlessly, bringing the future of goods sorting into your premises.


Panasonic provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to mitigate the risk of goods damage and loss, protect workers’ privacy and allow you to control the movement of your assets, in and outside your facilities.


Panasonic’s end to end delivery solutions use cutting edge technology to ensure an excellent in-store experience and a sustainable supply chain through the use of smart, innovative and customer-friendly delivery methods.