Level Crossings Solutions


With the rise of level crossings incidents and near-misses, it’s important to take action against their misuse, ensuring they are as safe and secure as possible in any circumstances.

Panasonic Solutions for level crossings management include:

  • Monitored Crossing Hazard Detect Assist
  • Footpath Monitoring
  • Trespass Warning System

Depending on your business requirements, these systems can be implemented individually or combined into a larger solution.


Monitored Crossing Hazard Detect Assist

An intelligent technology solution utilising scenario based video analytics with thermal imaging to provide a second verification of level crossing monitoring for signallers.

How will you benefit from this system?

  • Assists crossing operators to detect “unsafe” conditions
  • Provides for clear visibility in challenging lighting and weather conditions
  • Introduces thermal imaging to complement existing vision cameras


Footpath Monitoring

Replacing a manual and time consuming task with an automated system that monitors footpaths 24/ 7 over a 30  day period. Generating reports that indicate the misuse of  level crossing and effective risk assessments.

How will you benefit from this system?

  • Generate accurate, consistent, standardised, repeatable reports through Panasonic video analytics
  • Change from a manual to an automated system, allowing you to cut cost and time
  • A standalone system that is easy to install


Trespass Warning

Trespass Warning System combines robust, thermal cameras with advanced video technology, alerting operational staff of any intrusion in real-time, creating a more efficient, safer network with fewer disruptions.

How will you benefit from this system?

  • Create an automated audible warning to those meeting behaviour patterns associated with loitering and trespassing
  • Drastically reduce the number of false trespassing alerts, minimise service disruption and customer delays
  • Create alerts so that station staff can take appropriate action