Panasonic opened their own convenience store

Author – Sean Taylor, Business Development Manager, Panasonic UK

Retail and retailers have been in the news a lot over of the past few years. It is an industry that is evolving to meet the changing demands of the consumer in a digital world. 

As a solutions provider for this industry, we need to ensure that we truly understand the needs of the retailer and how we can solve their challenges.  Obviously, we work in collaboration with our customers to do this, however, we have gone one step further. Panasonic have opened their own convenience store in Japan.

The Panasonic convenience store is now open!

To truly understand the challenges retailers face and the true value Panasonic solutions can bring to the retailer FamilyMart Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation and Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.  opened a new FamilyMart Saedo store located in Japan in April this year. Designed to be a living demonstration of the next generation of convenience stores utilising IoT technologies. Why FamilyMart? FamilyMart operates approximately 16,400 convenience stores across Japan. They have been providing lifestyle support services and localised store operations that meet the needs of those in its communities. Corresponding to the diversified needs of its customers, FamilyMart has been promoting a cashless society through barcode payment services; while at the same time has been addressing the societal challenge in Japan of labour shortage by drastically changing its store operations and introducing self-checkout registers. Through promotion of these activities the company aims to both enhance customer friendliness and reduce operating burden of store employees.

A demonstration store for the next generation convenience store

As a sales person in the retail area, I truly value having our own living and breathing case study, demonstrates, not only our solutions, but our true commitment to the retail industry. 

The purpose of this project is to realise a next generation IT convenience store that is evolving the "shopper wants to go, employee wants to work" concept. As it is getting more difficult to secure labour force with each passing year, utilisation of IT to optimise their store operation and diversify customer service is a pillar of the next generation store for FamilyMart. 

What solutions are tested in this store?

The first technology solutions to be tested in our FamilyMart store are:

  • IoT Data marketing
  • Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)
  • Automated Shelf Monitoring
  • Work Assist System
  • AI check-out register by Face recognition and object detection system
  • Space production and atmosphere
  • CCTV
  • Mobile ordering/ delivering

In the next blog, I will take a closer look at the value of each of these solutions and how they can benefit the store. If you want to know the detail right now, please feel free to reach out to us.

Also you can check our solution page.