Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
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Panasonic Comms Academy

The freedom to be trained at your pace

Extend and certify your communications solutions experience

As part of our Panasonic Partner Programme, we’re offering a training platform exclusively designed for communication solutions professionals like yourself: resellers, system integrators and distributors. It includes different courses to help you reach different skill levels while gaining deeper Panasonic PBX and SIP knowledge, in addition to special certifications.

For end users of our technologies, this Partner training means more than simply the freedom to communicate – it guarantees improved services and higher expertise in projects installation – while enhancing the possibilities for you.

For communication solutions professionals, Panasonic training allows you to:

  • Offer improved customer services
  • Deepen the Panasonic PBX and SIP knowledge throughout your business
  • Stay updated on market-leading technologies and new opportunities
  • Gain Panasonic Expert accreditation for Communication Solutions equipment, such as Communication Servers (PBX) and SIP terminals
  • Establish a clear advantage over your competition
  • Upgrade your level in Panasonic Partner Programme and enjoy more benefits

Expand your expertise at your own pace through the Panasonic Academy

Greater product knowledge is always a significant asset to your business. It’s the basis for more efficient and accurate customer service, for creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities and for establishing a noticeable advantage over your competition.

Now, thanks to the Panasonic B2B Partner Programme and the Panasonic Communication Solutions Academy, you can embed that knowledge throughout your sales teams with a minimum of investment.

In addition to the certification programme, we’re also providing online training sessions on newly launched PBX and SIP products that you can join independently.

We’ll be adding online e-learning modules for specific products during the year – including annual changes in our training modules – so that you can keep coming back to enhance your skills even more.

How the programme is structured

The programme offers several levels of accreditation:

The first level is conducted via online tutorials, delivered through the Academy portal. This e-learning platform gives you the freedom to learn at a pace that suits you. Simply login through the Panasonic B2B partner portal, complete the level online, then receive your personal digital certificate to confirm completion. This first certification will give you access to the higher training levels.

The next levels – Expert and Advanced Expert face-to-face training – can be held locally in your country by your distributor, or occasionally at the Panasonic European headquarters training centre in Wiesbaden, Germany. You’ll learn in small groups and benefit from the experience and teachings of a recognised Panasonic specialist.

It’s a step-by-step learning path resulting in Panasonic certification, which could give you your business wings and enable you to grow while increasing customer satisfaction.

Get more benefits using the Partner Programme

The Partner Programme is much more than an education in how to use Panasonic. Through your training accreditations, you can improve your Partner grade, collect more qualified leads and receive recommendations on our “Where to Buy” page on the Panasonic Business website. Here, you’ll have the freedom to show your Panasonic expertise to a wider audience.

How to register

As soon as you’re a member of the Partner Programme, you’ll have immediate access to the Panasonic Academy.

If you’re not a member of the Panasonic Partner Programme yet, Register here!