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Genuine Panasonic Consumables

Thank you for using Panasonic multifunction printers and fax machines. Recently, many counterfeit consumables for Panasonic multi-function printers and fax machines have appeared in the market.
Genuine Panasonic consumables are carefully designed and manufactured for optimal product performance and, as a result of fine-tuning with the main product, they help you obtain clear and stable printing.
When purchasing consumables, we highly recommend genuine Panasonic products.

What is a counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product is a product that is made to look like a Panasonic product, but does not have the rights or permission to use the Panasonic trademark and takes advantage of the consumers’ trust in the Panasonic brand. Manufacturing or selling counterfeits is considered an infringement of the Panasonic brand and also an infringement of its design patent rights. Panasonic is taking the necessary and strict actions to avoid damaging the trust of our valued customers.

Use of a counterfeit product may lead to inferior print quality and a failure or malfunction of the main unit. The use of genuine products is highly recommended.

Examples of problems caused by using counterfeit products

Some counterfeit products have a significantly lower print yield than the genuine products. Although counterfeit products sometimes sell for lower prices than the genuine products, the overall printing cost can be higher if the print yield is low. The print quality from counterfeit products is not necessarily guaranteed. Too much or too little toner transfer can cause unclear print images in some cases.

Counterfeit toner can sometimes leak from the cartridge into the equipment, resulting in equipment failure.
Genuine products use toner materials suitable for the respective product’s fusing temperature. Counterfeit products may use different materials, which sometimes cause incomplete fusing and generate foul odors during printing.
Panasonic assumes absolutely no responsibility for any failures or accidents caused by the use of such counterfeit products.

Comparison of yield and print quality between genuine product and counterfeit product Yield comparison

Yield comparison


Print quality comparison 

Genuine fake

Distinguishing genuine products from counterfeit products

1. Hologram: 

A hologram sticker is attached on the outer packaging of genuine Panasonic consumables.
The holograms differ depending on the date of production.
The absence of a hologram is a sign of a counterfeit cartridge.
However, since the holograms themselves also have been counterfeited, the presence of a hologram does not insure that the cartridge is genuine.

2. Outer packaging: 

In case the outer packaging appears to have been opened or damaged, or in case you recognize a difference from normal Panasonic outer packaging, this can be evidence of a counterfeit cartridge.

3. Toner leak and/or poor print quality: 

If a toner leak occurs within the packaging or during use of the cartridge in the machine, this can also be a sign of counterfeiting. Poor print quality such as over-toning or blurred print may be also the result of a counterfeit cartridge.
Signs of counterfeiting may not be limited to the ones discussed above, and you may find other suspicious differences from your past experience with genuine Panasonic cartridges.
Contact your nearest Panasonic store (dealer) to be sure that you are buying genuine Panasonic products.